Live through me, love through me

Live through me, love through me, Jesus, I pray;
Pour o'er my soul, take control, Lord, today.
Million are dying, there's naught I can do.
Serve them, Lord, through me; I'm yielding to you.

The hungry need food, the oppressed need relief,
The poor and the homeless need somewhere to sleep.
The outcast and refugee--oh hear their cry!--
Need someone to care if they live or they die.

I can't preach the gospel, then turn and go home
And say, "Look here, Lord, see how much I have done!"
If only their souls, not their bodies, I've reached,
I've spoken amiss, it's not your word I've preached.

For you came to earth as a servant of men.
You mingled with lepers, called publicans friend.
You suffered injustice, endured pain and loss,
And then bore our sins in the shape of a cross.

Lord, let me suffer if that's what it takes
To finish the work you began for our sakes.
Live through me, love through me, Savior I plead:
Even, Lord, die through me--meet the world's need.

© Copyright 2003, Progressive Theology

Progressive Theology